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Astro plugin

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The plugin-astro plugin allows you to index the content of your Astro websites and offer text search to your visitors.



You can install the plugin using any major Node.js/Bun package manager:

Install with npm
npm install --save @lyrasearch/plugin-astro
Install with yarn
yarn add @lyrasearch/plugin-astro
Install with pnpm
pnpm add @lyrasearch/plugin-astro

Deno installation guide will be available soon.


There are two main aspects to consider when using this plugin:

  • DB generation
  • Loading DBs & performing searches

Configuring Astro integration

// In `astro.config.mjs`
import lyra from "@lyrasearch/plugin-astro";

export default defineConfig({
integrations: [
// We can generate more than one DB, with different configurations
mydb: {
// Required. Only pages matching this path regex will be indexed
pathMatcher: /blog\/[0-9]{4}\/[0-9]{2}\/[0-9]{2}\/.+$/,

// Optional. 'english' by default
language: "spanish",

// Optional. ['body'] by default. Use it to constraint what is used to
// index a page.
contentSelectors: ["h1", "main"],

When running the astro build command, a new DB file will be persisted in the dist/assets directory. For the particular case of this example, it will be saved in the file dist/assets/lyraDB_mydb.json.

Loading the DB on client-side

To use the generated DBs in your pages, you can include a script in your <head> section, as the following one:

<!-- Other stuff -->
// Astro will do the job of bundling everything for you
import { getLyraDB, search } from "@lyrasearch/plugin-astro/clientside"

// We load the DB that we generated at build time, this is an asynchronous
// operation, so we must either await, or rely on `.then` calls.
const db = await getLyraDB('mydb')

// Now we can search inside our DB. Of course, feel free to use it in more
// interesting ways.
console.log('Search Results')
console.log(search(db, { term: 'mySearchTerm' }))

For now, the plugin only expose load & search functionality on the client side, but we might expose other Lyra features as soon as we stabilise some internal details and public APIs.